Remember the saying, “You’ve come a long way, Baby”.  Well, that’s us.  The Stonewall Fire Protection District began as the Stonewall Valley Volunteer Fire Department in 1949.  Back then we had only a handful of volunteers (maybe 8 or 10) that had big hearts, strong backs and not much of anything else.  CF& I Steel Corporation donated the first fire engine (used of course).  For fifty years the department existed on donation and fund-raisers only.  The volunteers were known as the “Gray Crew” because all the firefighters were over 50 years old.  Since then we have slowly but steadily grown into a volunteer team of 40 or so men & women firefighters and emergency medical responders (EMT’s). 
After three years of intense effort, the Stonewall Fire Protection District (SFPD) was created in 1999 by a vote of the people within the District boundaries.  The Stonewall Auxiliary plays important supporting roll within the SFPD by feeding firefighters and the Search & Rescue Team / recruiting, supplementing training and equipping of EMT personnel as well as the Search & Rescue Team / holding fund-raisers / doing public education plus other community services. 
The SFPD boundaries encompass 547 square miles of mountainous and foothill terrain on the east slope of the Culebra Mountains.  Within the boundaries are twenty subdivisions, three established unincorporated communities, several businesses, and numerous ranches, homes, undeveloped wild lands and properties with hundreds of methane gas wells. The District was formed to meet the challenge of fire suppression and control as the SFPD area continues to grow and develop. Services such as the enforcement of the 1997 Uniform Fire Code, mitigation consulting, public information, education, Search & Rescue Operations, the Quick Response EMT Team plus others are offered to the community by our volunteers. Locating equipment in strategic locations over the District area prompted the department to build sub-stations. There are now six stations housing equipment to aid in fire suppression within the District.  The District’s main station is in Wet Canyon with others in Cuchura Pass, LaGarita, Long’s Canyon, Segundo and Stonewall.
An elected Board of Directors governs the SFPD.  The Board meets at the Stonewall Firehouse on the second Wednesday of each month at 5:30 p.m.  The meetings are open to the public.  These officials serve a four year term on the board. 
The SFPD and Auxiliary’s dedicated volunteer firefighters, EMT’s, and the Search & Rescue responders will continue to meet the challenge before us with the continued support of the community, ranches, and businesses in this area.