Volunteers are special people.

Here are some of the things we do:

  •  Provide meals to Firefighters and EMT's during calls and trainings. 

  •  Keep the stations stocked with food, snacks, goodies, etc. 

  •  Go on calls with Firefighters to help keep them fueled and hydrated. 

  •  Help during community events. 

  •  We are a non-profit who operates solely on donations, help us raise funds. 

  •  Help us keep the friends, neighbors, and members of the community aware of fire safety and fire prevention. 

  •  Help members of our community in their times of need. 


The Stonewall Fire Auxiliary always needs a few volunteers to help our firefighters. 

Become an Auxiliary member for Stonewall and help our firefighters, EMT's and community. 

Get involved. Volunteer Today.

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