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Stonewall Fire


Supporting our Fire Service Personnel including our EMR's and EMT's.


For information or to find out how you can help please contact us.

Our Board Members​​

From left to right:

  • Chief:  Loyd Holliman

  • Member at Large:  Cindy Jameson

  • President:  Nancy Sinor

  • Member at Large:  Lisa Ray

  • Treasurer:  Benita Keener

  • Assistant Chief:  Jim Baker

  • Vice President:  Linda Costa

  • Secretary:  Billie Hislop (not pictured)


Our Auxiliary is run by donations provided to us from the community, local businesses, and individuals. Every penny helps, we thank you for any donation you would be willing to give. 

Stonewall Fire Auxiliary

P.O. Box 10

Weston, CO 81091

*All donations are tax deductible. 

Download the Donation Form Here.